Under the brand name “TROFCO”, we are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality canned pineapple, seasonal fruits, pineapple juice concentrate and corn products of Thailand.

Established in 1988, TROFCO employs approximately 500-800 employees. Our modern factory is set on 35 acres of land. It is centrally located for convenient transportation of fresh fruits and corn materials directly from sources all over the country. To maintain the highest quality and consistency in all of our products, we provide all the training and the latest farming technology to our agricultural partners.

Contracted farming agreements are implemented to ensure year-round supply of fresh fruits and vegetables like pineapple, seasonal tropical fruits and sweet corn. With this collaboration, we are able to control the quality of our products from the beginning till the end. The beneficial result is the high quality products for our customers.

With advance manufacturing process, TROFCO continues to be a leading producer of various products such as canned pineapple, canned tropical fruits, pineapple juice concentrate, canned sweet corn kernel, canned cream styled corn etc. Our factory facilities have totally manufacturing capacity of more than 150,000 tons per year.

The products are exported throughout Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Middle East with sales gross of around USD30 million annually. In our relentless pursuit in providing high quality products to our customers, TROFCO receives international certification such as IFS, HACCP, GHP, GMP, Halal and Kosher certificates issued by the international surveys and audits companies in Thailand. TROFCO is financially trusted by all major financial institutions such as Bangkok Bank, EXIM Bank and Kasikorn Bank, etc.

Raw Materials

Raw materials are selected from the well-tended sources. Quality inspection
will be carried out by TROFCO’s QCs during receiving before entering the production process.