Quality Production Process

TROFCO emphasizes on safety and cleanliness by following the international standards. Modern machinery and qualified staff are employed in all the production process.

All products are produced within 24 hours after harvest. Products are Non-GMO and without preservatives or other artificial color.

The factory is approved and certified for IFS, HACCP/GHP, GMP, Halal and Kosher by the international survey and audit companies.


Our TROFCO’s procuring team will secure only the quality raw materials from our contracted farmers. They will harvest and deliver the raw materials to our factory in early morning 6 days a week.

Classification and Processing

Sizing and sorting will be done before raw materials are peeled off by our automatic peeling machines. The goods will be classified for their different specification by our workers in the production lines and put them into the cans and go through each processing step and later stored in the warehouse.

Quality Assurance

Quality will be assured by our QA team again in TROFCO’s own modernized laboratory in order to assure the products are in according to the international standards.


Once the delivery instruction is made, labeling and packing will be done by an automatic labeling and packing machines.


The finish products will be film wrapped on the pallets and stored in a clean, dry place. Before labeling and packing, quality inspection will be reassured by TROFCO’s QA. Once the delivery is required, container will be hauled to the factory for loading by TROFCO’s own workers to avoid any possible damage. Thus, our customers can be assured that we do every step to control the product quality to attain our international standards.